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Speechless song Lyrics of Nas. This is new Latest song. Song is sung Nas. Lyrics of Speechless Lyrics Written by Hit-Boy & Nas.

Produced Hit-Boy. If you want official video then scroll down. Label by Nas. Hope you like this song. You can see this song Nuts Lyrics.

Nas Speechless Lyrics

Lyrics Speechless

I don't even know what's goin' on no more

I don't even know what's happenin' man

It ain't no answers

I'ma figure some shit out though, ya hear?

You know? Yeah, yeah

Just tryna get my weight up

Tryna get all my watches in order

Get my safe up, get great

I'm twenty-one years past the 27 Club

It's like I went back into my past and then I sped it up

Robert Johnson, Winehouse and Morrison found where Heaven was

Heaven on Earth, this shit is magic with no fairy dust

Home of the gully, gangsta, the gruesomе and the scary stuff

I told my brother Jung', "Fuck 'em, thеy gon' through Hell with us

They don't have the history in the streets that compare with us"

Hood niggas, they wanna be us, thugs in the St. Regis

Only thing undefeated is time

The second is the internet, number three is this rhyme

Before security, my dawg had to sneak in the nine

God must be on my side

I had to eat and provide, my winning streak is divine

I told dunn, "Leave the street shit behind

Don't let 'em hype you, a slow run beats cheatin' the grind"

Dawg, I'm tellin' it like it is, you gotta deal with the consequence

When you run in a nigga's crib, nigga, you better be ready to sit

Dope dealers, street hustlers, pop cases

Throw dice, on pavement, cop chases

Big gamblers, skullies, hide faces

Gang wars, hot spots, police raid it

Left 'em speechless (Speechless, speechless, speechless)

Left 'em speechless (Speechless, speechless, speechless)

Pick a down on his luck rapper, bet he broke

With the arrogance of a crackhead mad at a weed smoker

Or a pill taker who hate a distilled wine drinker

A killer who use a gun to hate on a knife swinger

Aight, I get it, it's who the litest, we in competition

Y'all did it first'll be the death, I got a proposition

You and your brothers stop plottin' on each other, plot on millions

Educate yourself, find ten different areas of interest

Spread your bets out

Double down on what's working then you double up

Hands on your paper, they sending hate no matter what you touch

Honestly, I'm speechless

Fly to Greece, twenty pointers on the chain, I freaked it

Lawn chair in the hood, sittin' comfortably

I must be insane givin' you bars runnin' companies

I'm done with the redundancies, checking on my history

Making content for Viacom, license music to Tiffany's

I come from

Dope dealers, street hustlers, pop cases

Throw dice, on pavement, cop chases

Big gamblers, scullies, hide faces

Gang wars, hot spots, police raid it

Left 'em speechless (Speechless)

Just like when the judge read the sentence

Threw your life away in minutes

Left 'em speechless (Speechless)

The bounce back the greatest feeling

When they thought that you was finished

Leave 'em speechless (Speechless, speechless, speechless)

Speechless (Speechless, speechless, speechless)

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Lyrics Speechless Credits:

Song: Speechless

Artist: Nas

Written: Hit-Boy & Nas

Produced: Hit-Boy

Label: Nas

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Q. Who is the singer of the song?

Song is sung Nas. If you want any song lyrics Please visit our site and see the lyrics.

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of song?

Speechless Lyrics Written by Hit-Boy & Nas.

Q. Who has given music?

Music given by Hit-Boy.

Q. Who has Produce this song?

Produced by Hit-Boy.

Q. Who is the Director of Photography?

Director Of Nas.

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