Lyrics of Fun In The Ocean


I spent my mornings strolling just
Around the weeds and coral reefs
Hopin’ with my eyes open wide
For a band new peculiar thing
Sunk down deep in the ocean
Better than any fiction
Taught to us, So I’d rather
Pick up all this stuff
Than read all the mermaid tales
I played with those round things
Randomly floating on the surface
Made ’em as hats
Or what’d you call that?
Oh right! A circus!
And these transparent things
Always get in the way
When I’m simply swimming under the sun
Was kinda hooked
So I decided one day
I will wear one

Isn’t it fun
Isn’t it fun
Fun in the ocean
Isn’t it fun
Isn’t it fun
Fun in the ocean

I see a sparkly thing,
I wear it like a ring
I started wondering
Maybe I have everything
I heard that on land
People ride on boxes
Taking them around
From north to south and east to west
I saw in one click
They replicate their own face
Oh you really think
I’d surely be amazed
When i go there
But I don’t care
Who wants to get outta here
Where you can see these fancy wares
Like glasses and brushes and this squishy stuff
And these enticing different hooks
All coming from above
Got me singing at the top
Of my gills a siren tune
AAA, See?

Isn’t it fun
Isn’t it fun
Fun in the ocean
Its always fun
Its always fun
Fun in the ocean
Fun in the ocean.


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